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Allegra Wermuth and Hsing-Ay Hsu

AHA Poster1b

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to photograph the talented musicians CSO violinist Allegra Wermuth and pianist Hsing-ay Hsu for their upcoming duo concert. I came in to the shoot with this very specific idea in my head so I didn’t stray very far from it. The tricky part came in trying to make the individual double exposures work separately and together as a whole. After much trial and error I found a solution that I thought read well and complemented rather than taking over the composition. Thanks to Allegra and Hsing-ay who were both took very little to make look good and were wonderful to work with!

Camera Nerd Info: Phase One 645DF+/P40+, 2 PCB Einsteins

CF001891_lr CF001816_lr Allegra and Hsing-Ay