CB 47856_lr2

CoBank Annual Report Cover

I got a call from Watermark Advertising and they needed a cover photo for the CoBank Annual Report. They had an idea and an old vintage image that they needed to work off of and a new image needed to match the old one showing the connection from the past into the future.


It was late in the season and harvesting was over so I turned to my friend Stephen who connected me with his step-dad Kenny Carpenter of KC Farms in Monte Vista, CO. Stephen and I drove down there and Kenny went out and plowed the lines in an empty field. We drove a pickup out into the field right as the sun was setting and I climbed a ladder in the back of the pickup to get the proper height to match the angle of the original photo.


CB 47856_lr2

Luckily it all worked out and we got it very close. After getting that shot we shot some closer portrait shots of Kenny at his tractor.

CB 47959_lr2

CB 47969_lr

The awesome team at Watermark then took the image and made it all work!




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