Snowboard Shoot at Keystone

A couple of weeks ago myself and Andon of AGD went up to Keystone to experiment with some slope-side portraits up at the beautiful Keystone Resort. It had been a few years since I hit the slopes so skiing down the mountain with my big Phase One camera in hand was pretty intimidating to start.

Photo Feb 19, 12 36 39 PM

Once we got used to the elements, we started having fun and getting some great shots. The 1/1600 second sync speed on my 80mm Schneider leaf shutter lens was invaluable in freezing the snow and darkening the background while keeping the depth of field nice and shallow.




At the end of the day the snow started coming down hard and we rushed out to get back to Denver. Andon took home an awesome ice beard. 

Photo Feb 19, 5 07 55 PM

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