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Superman for Daily Planet Magazine

I got a call from Daily Planet Magazine last month that I was very excited about. Apparently editor Perry White saw my cover photo of Darth Vader and thought I would be a good fit to shoot the cover story about the one and only Kal-El! (a.k.a. Superman). I arrived at Metropolis International and took a cab straight to the Daily Planet building in midtown.

Man of Steel 13560_lr crop

We set up a backdrop in one of the back rooms while Kal was getting his makeup finished. Once finished he joined us and was extremely polite and accommodating (although he didn’t want to smile).

BtS MoS_1136_lr

Once we finished with the first setup we headed up to the roof to get some epic flying shots. It was late afternoon and the sun setting rapidly so we set up lights on the ledge. I knew it would be a tight schedule and since none of my assistants can fly we didn’t get to do any test shots but had to wing it. Luckily again Superman was very patient and made sure we had the shots we wanted.

BtS MoS_4731_lr

Man of Steel13609_lr5

Man of Steel 13540_lr

I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thanks to Perry White, article writer Lois Lane and reporter Clark Kent who was very helpful in setting the shoot up! Final cover and spreads below.

Superman Mag2-01

Superman Mag2-02

Superman Mag2-03