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Cat Zingano for UFC Magazine

In November I had the chance to photograph MMA fighter, Cat Zingano for UFC Magazine. Cat is fighting for the women’s championship on February 28 against incumbent champ Ronda Rousey and UFC Magazine did a big feature on her. Cat came down to the studio and we did a session there playing with different looks and lighting concepts. Then we took everything outside and got a few more shots on the streets. Cat was great to work with and an amazing person. I definitely recommend checking out the article in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of UFC Magazine and reading about her inspiring story.

Camera Nerd Info:
Phase One 640 DF+ /  P40+, Schneider 80mm LS, 55mm LS lenses PCB Einsteins with various modifiers.

UFC Cat 30185_lr

UFC Cat S30022_lr

UFC Cat S30471_lr

UFC Cat 29962_lr

UFC Cat 30694_lr

UFC Cat 30827_lr







Beast Sports Photography

Last month I flew to Florida with AGD to shoot images for Beast Sports. It was a grueling few days with call times starting at 5:30-6am and usually lasting editing and planning for the next day past midnight. We shot mornings on the beach and afternoons in the gym. You can see all the photos in action on the new amazing website http://beastsports.com/ designed by Andon Guenther Design.












Camera Nerd Info:
Phase One 640 DF+ with P40+ back and Schneider 55mm & 80mm LS lens Gym shots: 3 PCB Einsteins with reflectors & soft box. Outside shots: 2 PCB Einstein with reflectors & soft box.

Kaepernick Redux

Every once in a while I go through my archives looking for any good photos that I missed after I made selections. I usually find one or two overlooked gems that sometimes I like more than my original selects. With these shots, I was anxious to try some new post techniques as well and give a new look to some older shots. I found this Colin Kaepernick image and it was just the look I wanted for my idea. 



And just because I’ve always wanted to do one of these process gifs.